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18 Carrer Prudenci Rovira
Palma, PM, 07011

+34 971 254 223

After setting up in Palma last year acting on the ever growing yachting industry. Innovation3 is fast developing a reputation for fast, clean, and efficient work filling a gap for bespoke carbon products. As well as large structural projects where experience really counts.

i3 CNC / Design


4 Axis cnc machining / 3D design


i3 cnc

i3 Composites have a sister company i3CNC that we use for all our mould/tooling requirements. We can offer a comprehensive design / 4 Axis CNC machining service. Having these capabilities enables us to be able to offer our clients the best solutions for for creating millimetre accurate complex geometry in various different materials



We have an in house design department that we can offer our clients the benefit of seeing their visions before committing to starting the production stage.

This service is key to ensuring that all the potential issues have been resolved before starting any works which could prove time consuming and not to mention costly.


We are able to cut various density / thickness materials for many different applications in 3D or 2D.

We have also been contracted by various other companies to help solve their CNC machining requirements.