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18 Carrer Prudenci Rovira
Palma, PM, 07011

+34 971 254 223

After setting up in Palma last year acting on the ever growing yachting industry. Innovation3 is fast developing a reputation for fast, clean, and efficient work filling a gap for bespoke carbon products. As well as large structural projects where experience really counts.


We have carried out a range of rigging modifications and repairs for some of the worlds leading Mast/Rig manufactures.

Our oven has been used numerous times to carry out fast effective repairs and mods on spreaders and bowsprits during or between regattas.

When necessary we have been able to carry out high spec mobile pre-preg repairs at STP Shipyard or other facilities on the island.

We also have extensive experience in designing and fabricating various composite mast fittings / housings for Sat / radar and all other telecommunications instruments.